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Cookie policy

A cookie is a small text file that a web site stores on your computer, to store information that it can read later. It's just a text file, not a virus or any kind of program. and our partners use cookies in the following ways on this site:

Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies store information that helps makes easier to use, namely:

  • To record that you have consented to the use of cookies (ironically).
  • To identify you so that you don't have to enter your email address every time you sign in. This cookie doesn't actually store your email address, just a unique and otherwise meaningless reference code. We don't store your password anywhere - neither on your device nor in our database (we store a securely encrypted code derived from your password instead, which is industry best practice).
  • Our partner, which handles the social network sharing side of things, uses cookies to record that you've shared something. You can read their privacy policy as it relates to using here.

Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies don't identify you, but help us to understand patterns of how people use our site.

Behaviourally targeted advertising cookies

These cookies store information about sites and pages you visit and use them to make the advertisements you see more relevant to your interests. They don't store information that identifies you personally.

(Goodness knows what they'll try and sell you on the back of looking at cartoons — finding out is just one more reason to embrace the cookie.) does not tell advertisers who you are, through cookies or any other means. uses cookies to support behaviourally targeted advertising. You can turn it off here.

More information on cookies

For more detailed information about cookies, including how to avoid them, we recommend these websites:

Email policy

We use your email address as your sign-in identity, because it's unique to you and easy to remember.

We will never sell, rent or otherwise divulge your email address to advertisers.

We will share your identity with others only:

  • If you order merchandise on, and then only specifically for the fulfilment of the order;
  • To complete a payment transaction if you subscribe to a paid-for service from;
  • In the hard-to-imagine event that we are required to by a court order or other legal proceeding. I mean, it's a cartoon site, for crying out loud. We operate under UK law.
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