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Who owns the copyright for the cartoons?You do, as the creator, in accordance with UK copyright law. When you sign up for Toonacy and use our tools to create cartoons, you grant Toonacy a license to publish and reproduce the works. You still have the right to be identified as the creator of the work, using your pen name.
Can I have multiple pen names?No, not at the moment. If this is important to you, let us know via the contact page and we'll look into allowing it (for Pro members)
I can't see any cartoons. What's going on?Toonacy requires a modern browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, for example) and also for Javascript to be enabled. If you have an ancient browser or have scripts turned off, you won't see the cartoons.
How do I complain about a cartoon I hate?Sorry if a cartoon has offended you. If it's been misclassified and passed through the content filter, or if you believe it is defamatory, incites hatred, breaches copyright or is otherwise illegal, please click on the link below the cartoon marked 'report abuse' and we'll look into it promptly. If the cartoon simply expresses a legitimate opinion that's just different from yours, though, that comes under the heading of free speech and we're afraid you'll have to live with it.
Can I work on cartoons offline, without an internet connection?No, sorry. The drawing and editing tools are web-based and your work is stored on our database server. We're looking into producing an app for tablets, though, that may include an offline working mode.
I can't find my cartoon. Where's it gone?You should see your own cartoons on the home page, even unpublished ones. if you can see your cartoon there but not elsewhere, you may not have published it yet, it may be caught by your content filters or it may have been suspended by a moderator or the system following a complaint (in which case we're looking into it and will report back soon).
Why is it sometimes difficult to resize shapes on my iPad or tablet?Although drawing on does work with touch screen devices, the usability is not as good as we'd like (and not as good as on a conventional laptop or desktop). We're working on improving this. Sorry, please bear with us.
How can I zoom in to my drawing for fiddly fine work?There's a zoom slider to the right of the drawing canvas so you can enlarge your drawing for fine detail work.
How can I animate my cartoons?Sorry, you can't at the moment. We like this idea and are planning it as a future development. If you've signed up for emails, we'll let you know when we implement animation.
Can I import photos?No. We have decided against allowing this for now because of the potential for copyright infringement. We'd like to introduce it when we've worked out how best to deal with that issue.
What are sprites?Sprites are re-usable bits of cartoon - drawings that you can choose and drop into your own cartoons. You can create your own or use sprites created by other people.
Can other people use my sprites?Yes, in general. If you're a 'pro' member then you can create private sprites that only you or specified other members can use.
Can I upload my existing web comic?Contact us and we'll be delighted to work with you on that. At the moment it can't be done automatically - as with photos, we want to be sure that only copyright holders can upload their own stuff.
Can I do graduated shading?Not at the moment, but we plan to add this soon (maybe as a Pro feature).
Is there a tool for drawing brush strokes?Not yet, but we are planning to add one in the future.
What are the benefits of Pro membership?When we introduce premium membership, it will bring a range of extra features not available to free members. These are not finally decided, but will include things like a share in any revenues from merchandise that features your cartoons, control over who can re-use sprites you create, customising features and extra drawing tools.
How does make money? will earn revenue from the sale of merchandise based on cartoons (which will be shared with Pro members) and from fees for Pro membership. In future we may also earn revenues from promoted content, corporate cartoons and syndication fees from commercial websites. Where we earn revenue from Pro members' work, we will share that revenue.

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